Monday, May 16, 2011

Ollies With Miller.

When you're roommate comes up to you on a Sunday evening and says "Hey, I'm going to go ollie that wire by that school", you go film it. Here's Miller the Killer showing off his perseverance and sizable ollie.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Happenings in the Rill World.

Haven't blogged in a tit bit, here's a few things that have been going down on Bryan Ave.

First things first, it's been awhile but here's a couple long lost photos from the Neff Beach Bash. Roomies crushin'.


Boostin' your face off.

Miller presses and tweaks EVERYTHING.

He also always gets hurt.

Next things next, yours truly turned 22 the other day, so here's some images of events I have no memory of.

Ready to rock.

Putting Miller in his place.


Corey got down with me.


Most epic high five ever, ya dig!?


End of the night, pretty much slept just like that.

Last but not least, Miller, Kevin, and Devin hiked Tit Town to hit the Millie tubes, enjoy the shots.

Even though it's blurry, you can still tell how huge that press is.

Kev boosts so big he pops out of the picture.

Hey look, Miller got hurt again!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kev-bone Nowison!

The Neff Beach Bash was a week or so ago and some roomies went and crushed. Now I know Kevin's a skier, but let's try to forgive him since the picture is so gnarly. Miller stepped the game up too, watch the video from Brighton's Terrain Park Blog for his gap to rail. Sickness.

Neff Beach Bash from Man Alive Productions on Vimeo.

The Real Trans Biznass.

Salty Peaks Transworld Business 30/30 The article finally came out. Peep Salty Peaks in the 30/30. Be sure to watch the video, your boy is slinging some Rome gear!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trans Biznazz 30/30

Salty Peaks in the mix! Peep the video for the Transworld Business April feature 30 Shops in 30 Days, the actual article isn't out yet but here's the sneak peek. Yours truly has a couple shots and some voice-over action, watch your back Morgan Freeman! Props to Andy Schummer and Artside Productions for throwing this together.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fourth Time's The Charm?

This last one is from 1817 lifers Riley Erickson and Sam Fenton, quite possibly the best of the demo, besides mine of course...

ASHBURY DEMO 2011 from Ashbury Eyewear on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Lake City.

I don't care how hard you Granola's jizz your pants for powder, don't even try to question the magic of spring slush. Rounded up some awesome homies and hit the slopes of Tit Town (if you still don't know what I'm referring to, its Brighton, try to keep up). Stole ALL of these pics from my lovely blogging amiga Ellery, so if you're following her gig Seduce and Destroy (which all you ladies should be) then you'll probably see these before to long.

We need some feedback on this one people! Whose shirt is cooler, Lego Indiana Jones or epic dogs, vote now!

Libby almost had a tail for the day.

Salty crew.

Libby turned her swag on.

I did not.

Miller is a camera whore.

After spring bluebird awesomeness we rolled back to the Rill House for some grillin and chillin. Ellery crushing the grill.

Home-made cajun fries? Yep.

I don't even remember what provoked this picture but it gives a good portrait of Libby's and my repore.

Kevin's childhood.

Devin was ready.

But unfortunately for me my season is ending short. Don't worry though, it's bittersweet since I'm missing Brighton's last week to roll back to the MN to see the fam and homies, so stay tuned for updates of Midwest tom-foolery.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Third Time's the Charm.

Here is yet another video of the Ashbury PC Demo that is way better than mine. Midwest crew You Know My Function whipped this one up. Fronius' bangers stealing the show again, should tell you a thing or two...

Ashbury Demo 2011 from brett spurr on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Seduce and Destory.

Homegirl's got a blog.

My homie and co-worker Ellery kills it, and she wants all you ladies out there to do the same. Follow her adventures here in the Salty Valley as she kicks off her blogging career with Seduce and Destroy. Rill House is already in the mix, peep the Brighton pics, new roomie Devin runnin' the show.

Always sick to see lovely young women getting into the game, hyped to see where it leads. Good luck Cellery!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Edit You Should Be Watching.

So I'm sure this edit is on everyone and their mother's blog by now but the I'm sure the world wide web could use it just one more time. Midwest crushers in the game, watch out for Justin Fronius, I'm pretty sure his tricks murder unicorns. If all other companies are too dumb to sponsor him, watch out for your next Rill rider, ya dig?

Ashbury Demo at Park City from YoBeat Magazine on Vimeo.