Monday, October 11, 2010

The Animal Kingdom.

The Rill House is down with nature. The Hogle Zoo in SLC is the shit, peep some specs.

Right in the entrance was the spinning water ball.

It was quite entertaining.

Creeping on the primates.

Monkeys are awesome, 'nuff said.

Wise, old sage.

This one was quite the sophisticate.

Gnarly vulture doin' what it do.

Ball o' bats. House of 1817 would be hyped.


This dood was MAD chillin.

And this little mofo was SICK.


Coolest owl I've ever seen.

I love frogs...

And snakes...

And turtles...

But ostriches are weird.

This fool was the bomb, we chilled here watching him lick that pole for probably 20 minutes.

His tongue was NUTS.

Watch out for this bastard, he'll bit your hand.

I'll leave you with Miller the Riller. Hogle was a victory, possible planetarium tonight... possibly the bars.

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