Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kevin McClelland Was Born Once.

Back in August, Michigan roomie Kevin had the audacity to celebrate his birthday. Asshole. However, the rest of us needed a reason to paint the town the red, so here are some pictures from the two night birthday excursion around downtown SLC.


First time in the bar.

First drink, which SUCKED, that I so lovingly bought him.

Second bar, taking a jager bomb like a champ. Always reppin Rill.



That's a wrap on night one.


Startin' the night off right.

Kevin's sis, pretty much momma Rill, thanks for keeping us kids in line.

What you know about that?

Warm up stretch.

Drinkin' cousins.

Classy after-chug.

Rat Pack movin on.

Balance catchin.

Corner pissin'.

That's a FINAL wrap.

Since these birthday shenanigans, life's been a trip. Serious video premiers, pros and hos, Willie's Lounge (be there Wednesdays), now just waiting for the green to turn white.

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