Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thinning Out.

Sorry for the delay on this post Kyle, but it's time to pour some mo' a dat 40 out. Rill House is down yet another member. We lost Kyle recently to his next adventure in Big Sky, MT. Got to kick it with another Murder Mitt homie Todd before those two crazy kids rolled out. Here's a few pics I stole from Kyle's Fuckbook, more to come plus some videos once my ass finally isn't working. Speaking of which, shout out to Salty Peaks.

Mad porch chillin.

Kyle the animal lover.

Always fresh ta death.

That's how the Rill House do.

Miss these kids.

The house feels that much more empty now, but thankfully Brighton is open and always down to cheer us up. Get your ass ready Kyle, cause the Rill House is rollin' to Big Sky before you know it.

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