Friday, December 3, 2010


Miller's birthday extravaganza is coming up quick, so the Jungle Juice preparations have begun. In case you forgot, Saturday night, Rill House SLC, be there.

The original purchase.

Poppin' bottles in the ice... a blizzard.

When we drink we do it right, gettin' slizzurped sippin'... jungle juice.

I take my mixing very seriously.

Adding class.

Big dumps.

Then shit got intense...

Rill intense.

And I'm spent.

Time to add fruit.

Making it rain.


Frozen fruit, das wassup.

Test run.

Shit was weak, we decided to add a bit more...

...just a bit.

But now it's time to let our brew stew. We've decided to dub this concoction The Kraken. Once Miller gets off work, we're hitting the bars at midnight, so keep it locked for those shenanigans and some wild times from the party.

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