Sunday, December 5, 2010

Release The Krakn.

Miller's birthday has come and past. Shame on you if you did not attend, twas quite the good time as you shall see.

We hit the bars at midnight when it was official. Miller was hyped.

One of his many shots.

Went to The Jackalope Lounge, happened to run into Heikki Sorsa who happened to be down with Miller's birthday. He may have even remembered Miller from Five Guys. Then After a good nights rest and a day off for Miller, it was party time.

You know there are classy happenings going down when this is what greets you.


Some quality people came to celebrate. Big ups to Kyle Fischer for rollin' deep. Shout out to The Dirty Kids.

Party. Kevin McClelland, always camera friendly.

The birthday boy!

Typical Tyler.

Kevin was kind enough to give Miller cupcakes.

Then shoved his face in them.

Julio. Homeboy got next level Krakn'd.

The Murder Mitt BFFs.

Miller always loves it when our neighbors roll up.

The birthday boy getting all the attention.

Heavy metal breakdown mid beer pong?

Love the neighbs.

Floor party?

Why not throw the deck chair in the kitchen!?

My cam got sniped. Some POV action.

That's a hard OG right there.


Apparently Kevin does NOT like balls in his face... who knew?

Pooooor Julio. At least Amanda was friendly.

Team Edward ain't got shit on me.

Sleep tight Miller.

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