Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rill's Movin' On Up.

For those of you who actually follow the blog, I promised a big announcement a couple posts back... well here it is.

Rill Snowboards is proud to announce that it has selected it's first team rider. CONGRATULATIONS TO MIDWEST RIPPER

The following is a little introduction interview with the newly sponsored gentleman.

Rill: First off welcome to Rill! How does it feel to be the first member of the Rill team?
TDH: Fucking stoked.

Rill: Where are you from originally?
TDH: Traverse City, Michigan… mother fucker.

Rill: What is your sign? I only ask this to let the ladies know.
TDH: Aquarius, the ladies already know.

Rill: What is your favorite thing about hometown TC?
TDH: It’s home. The water, Bubba’s, drunk bicycle riding, The Cottage, drinking Jager on the beach at midnight, that’s fun as shit and I did it a lot, and the nugs.

Rill: Favorite place to ride in the Murder Mitt?
TDH: Hickory Hills

Rill: What is your favorite trick in the world to do right now?
TDH: Tindy. Solid.

Rill: In the wide world of snowboarding, who are your top 3 favorite rippers?
TDH: Chris Grenier, Travis Parker, Scott Stevens, and Nick Visconti, gotta write it.

Rill: Now who are your 3 favorite from the Midwest?
TDH: Taylor Miller, Kevin McClelland (he’s a skier so it doesn’t count), Ethan Diess, kid crushes, and my brother, Levguy

Rill: Top 3 favorite snowboard videos of all time?
TDH: All the Think Thanks, both VGs, and Bikecar

Rill: Favorite alcoholic beverage BESIDES the always delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon?
TDH: PBR, Jager, and some cheap whiskey in the same cup.

Rill: I’ve decided to leak a potential board graphic to our loyal readers but can’t decide which one. Which one’s your favorite?
TDH: The Murder Mitt fo’ sho’.

The Murder Mitt: Tyler Hubbell Pro Model.

Rill: What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
TDH: To not get hurt, to fucking go to school, and to not start wearing jeans or some shit while I snowboard

Rill: Is Rill so sick it makes you want to shit your pants?
TDH: If shitting your pants is cool, then consider me Miles Davis!

Rill: Well I think I have no further questions Tyler, thanks for your time. Any last shout-outs?
TDH: Sayin’ what up to whoever reads the blog, thanks, we all love you. Shout out to Shorts Brewing, someone should send me some Soft Parade.

A little something about The Murder Mitt graphic, it was chosen/designed by Tyler himself. Here at Rill, we are trying to be as rider oriented as possible, so any pro model we come out with will be 100% designed by the rider, because we want to put them on their favorite stick possible.

But enough stupid reading, time to see Hubbell in action. Probably my favorite thing about this video is that all this footy was stacked after only a couple days of filming, that's just how Tyler crushes. Enjoy.

Welcome to Rill Tyler Dalton Hubbell. from Jacob Malenick on Vimeo.

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