Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Begun.

Winter time is here.
A time for joy and a time for cheer.
Thankfully Guardsman pass is near.
Maybe these photos will bring some stoke for the best time of the year.

Quite the sight.

It made Kyle excited.

Tyler too, but he looks scared for some reason.

This is the only picture I got from the sesh the first night because we got there a bit late. Still totally worth it.

The drive home.

Some dirty mofos hiking.

Tyler trailblazing.

I kind of really like this picture. Tyler is doing a bit of a Where's Waldo thang.

Mini features are the shit.

Miller likes to snowboard.

Tyler's got some tricks, kind of wish I would've filmed more though.

Corey got the trophy for first stitches of the year, and this was after he scorpioned. What a trooper.

I have some more editing to do but I'll leave you with this quick four trick fix with Tyler Hubbell.

Four Trick Fix with Tyler Hubbell from Jacob Malenick on Vimeo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Poor Some Out For Your Homies.

The Rill House is down a member, but gained a homie for lyfe. I'm sad to say that Lindsay dipped back to the Murder Mitt today and she is already missed. Here are some of her pics from her month of adventures with the strapping gentlemen of the Rill House.

Rolling out with Kyle.

They've arrived.

Tyler's Christmas card?

Peepin' the city lyfe.

Crazy downtown water sculpture.

Tyler's spirit animal.

Lindsay found some friendly mannequins.

Shout out to Rill roomie Kevin McClelland.

Not sure where this is in SLC but this tree is SICK.

Creepin' on the mormons.

City nightlife.

Aquarium adventure. Tyler contemplating lyfe.

Gnarly creatures.

My favorite animal.

Kyle and Tyler were hyped on the big tittied gorilla for some reason...

Lindsay also partook in some hiking adventures.

Tyler trying to kick start his modeling career.

Tyler apparently didn't like the view as much as Lindsay.

Some of the roomies hiked to the Brighton features. Could NOT be more ready for them to open.

They made it quite high up.

Don't worry, she partied with us too. Straight PBR ad right thurr.

A little more aggressive PBR ad.

Possibly my favorite picture.

She really captured why we all love Miller.

We only like each other when we're drunk.

I don't even know.

Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.

Tyler wasn't as psyched on the honey whiskey.

We decided we needed a bouncer.

Miller had a rough night.

And this is why we all miss her.

It was great having a new homie in the house and you better come back soon Lindsay! I'll leave you with Lindsay's attempts at a house picture, although I think together they some us up pretty well. However, since we were all bummed she was leaving, we decided to cheer ourselves up by sliding some snow sideways. Got up there a little late so didn't get too many pics, but what we got is coming soon.