Sunday, February 20, 2011

Once Upon A Time In The Projects.

Dew Tour rolled through a little bit ago, but fuck going there for the crappy contest, Rill House rolled to party. We headed there for the free Ice Cube show to see if his comeback from kids movies would be to legit to quit. It might have been but when you drink in hotel rooms you lose track of time and roll up to shows with half a song left.

Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn.

This was our half a song.

Get it gurl.

Our lovely new Breck homegirls.

Uhhhhhh SHOUT OUT.

Da bar.

Hate and happy.



It was one of those nights.

Ya dig?

Met some peeps, kicked it fresh until someone who will not be named puked in a pitcher. Good times. More to come.

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