Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They're From The Boat Mother Fucker Don't You Erer Forget.

This one's a LONG time coming. About a month or two ago, I can't even remember now, some Steamboat homies graced the Rill House with their presence. Drunken stupidity and shredery ensued, so enjoy a glimpse into the debauchery that took place.

They're heerrrreee...

Steamboat rolls deep.

Watch the video.

Stylish Miller.

Crip liked Miller's Batman goggles.

Mobbin' to sushi.

"To Chuck's hot sister!"

Again, watch the video.

Cody just couldn't get enough.

Cody King's Cuppin' it.

Miller shout out to grape juice.

Cougar side boob!

The Big C.

Por moi?

Miller getting chatty with a LOVELY lady.

A late night necessity.


Always a pleasure seeing those fools, maybe we'll make it trip out there and afterward make them spend 4 hours editing a video for a stupid blog. But anyhow, here's the video recap.

SLC Fucks. from Jacob Malenick on Vimeo.

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