Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Lake City.

I don't care how hard you Granola's jizz your pants for powder, don't even try to question the magic of spring slush. Rounded up some awesome homies and hit the slopes of Tit Town (if you still don't know what I'm referring to, its Brighton, try to keep up). Stole ALL of these pics from my lovely blogging amiga Ellery, so if you're following her gig Seduce and Destroy (which all you ladies should be) then you'll probably see these before to long.

We need some feedback on this one people! Whose shirt is cooler, Lego Indiana Jones or epic dogs, vote now!

Libby almost had a tail for the day.

Salty crew.

Libby turned her swag on.

I did not.

Miller is a camera whore.

After spring bluebird awesomeness we rolled back to the Rill House for some grillin and chillin. Ellery crushing the grill.

Home-made cajun fries? Yep.

I don't even remember what provoked this picture but it gives a good portrait of Libby's and my repore.

Kevin's childhood.

Devin was ready.

But unfortunately for me my season is ending short. Don't worry though, it's bittersweet since I'm missing Brighton's last week to roll back to the MN to see the fam and homies, so stay tuned for updates of Midwest tom-foolery.

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